If Democratic Candidates were JavaScript Packages


BernieSanders.js - a helper library for making next-generation punch card programs for the browser.

ElizabethWarren.js - a probability and statistics library widely used in reservation casinos.

AmyKlobuchar.js - a highly opinionated alternative to ESLint, providing harsher, more demanding errors (no warnings).

JoeBiden.js - a battle-tested framework for building RPG games for the browser, featuring an API just as approachable to junior devs as white devs.

PeteButtigieg.js - not really sure what it does or when to use it, but it’s popular up in South Bend.

AndrewYang.js - an inline podcast audio player that will literally pay you to use it.

TulsiGabbard.js - Russian asset bundler.

MikeBloomberg.js - a financial charting library embracing many of the exciting new features available in Netscape Navigator.

Got one I missed? Make a pull request with your addition followed by “(contributed by Your Name)”, and I might include it.

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