• Preloading JavaScript Assets in WordPress

    Updated on /Originally posted on Squeezing every last drop of performance out of your website on any platform is an always-changing, never-ending, often addictive battle. Among the several tactics you can employ in this fight, leveraging resource hints is a modern approach that can yield some significant ROI -- with preloading is a particularly impactful...Read It
  • Creating the Simplest WordPress Plugin

    If you're making modifications to the functionality of your WordPress site or application, there are generally two places where people put the code to do it. A theme's functions.php file. A plugin. Given the choice, which option should you almost always choose? A plugin. Why? The list of reasons is...Read It
  • Let's Stop Making it Cool to Hate jQuery

    Updated on /Originally posted on When I started in development, beginning a new project often felt like drowning and then being asked to write some functioning JavaScript. At the time, all I needed to do was perform some DOM stuff — make an element disappear on a click, add some classes, or animate a dropdown....Read It
  • Build Your Own Simple Lazy Loading Functionality in WordPress

    Updated on /Originally posted on When you're looking to incorporate any given feature into your WordPress application, there's rarely a shortage of third-party plugins out there to make it happen. But sometimes, whether you're trying to avoid the inevitable complexity an unfamiliar third-party plugin introduces, or for some other reason, you might feel called to...Read It
  • Building a Lambda Function with Netlify

    Updated on /Originally posted on A while back, I wrote my first Lambda function with Firebase. Like every Lambda function tutorial on the web shows you how to do, mine processes a payment via Stripe when someone purchases a license for TypeIt, the most versatile JavaScript animated typing utility on the planet. The process was...Read It
  • Removing Usernames from Password Reset URLs in WooCommerce

    Securely handling personal information on the web is a pretty big deal, and one of the ways you do that is making sure none of it's sent via query string in a URL. Things like this are bad: In fact, Google has some clear policies explicitly prohibiting certain information...Read It
  • Using the Negation Pseudo-Class to Select Elements with No Class

    If you've been a developer for more than 7 minutes, you've probably felt uncomfortably pressured into doing something weird with your code, like specifically styling plain, classless, attribute-less elements. Don't ask for the details, just accept the reality of this happening sometimes. When I meet scenarios like this, by default,...Read It

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