Some Special Ones

I maintain and further develop a couple of projects on a more significant basis.

  • JamComments

    A stupid-simple comment service for the Jamstack.

    A stupid-simple comment service built for static site generators like Gatsby, Eleventy, and NextJS. It was built out of dissatisfaction with other solutions that require you to load a bloated, invasive third-party script in order to render comments client-side.

  • TypeIt

    The most versatile animated typing utility on the planet.

    The most versatile JavaScript library for creating typewriter effects. It started back in 2015 as a means of learning to write better JavaScript. Since then, it's gone through several evolutions is now one of my favorite "small" projects to maintain.

Some Open Source Ones

Aside from those, I've open-sourced a good share of resources via GitHub as well. Here are just a few.