Code I Write on the Side

Some Special Ones

I maintain and further develop a couple of projects on a more significant basis.

  • TypeIt

    The most versatile animated typing utility on the planet.

    The most versatile JavaScript library for creating typewriter effects. It started back in 2015 as a means of learning to write better JavaScript. Since then, it's gone through several evolutions is now one of my favorite "small" projects to maintain.

  • JamComments

    A stupid-simple comment service for the Jamstack.

    A stupid-simple comment service built for static site generators like Gatsby, Eleventy, and NextJS. It was built out of dissatisfaction with other solutions that require you to load a bloated, invasive third-party script in order to render comments client-side.

  • Thread to Post

    Convert any Twitter thread into blog post.

    This is a tool for the times when you came across a thread on Twitter that was longer than a CVS receipt, indicating it probably just should've been a blog post from the beginning.

Some Open Source Ones

Aside from those, I've open-sourced a good share of resources via GitHub as well. Here are just a few.