I'm a web developer for Dave Ramsey in Nashville, TN.

My family and I moved here in 2015 from Minnesota, where "soda" is just shorthand for the stuff you mix with vinegar to create a volcano for a junior high science fair. I love what I do, and it's a privilege to do it for a mission that matters.

I can help you build your next website or digital tool.

I specialize in building web applications, as well as providing consultation to help you improve or troubleshoot something you already have. Things like this:

  • Building a custom, performant website for your small business.
  • Constructing an application to solve unique internal challenges.
  • Optimizing the front-end performance of your slow website.
  • Creating a simple API to consume your data in a particular way.
  • Helping you figure out why Google seemingly hates your website.

That list isn't exhaustive. If you need some help, let's connect to get the process started.