I’m a web application developer for Dave Ramsey in Nashville, TN.

My family and I moved here in 2015 from Minnesota, where “soda” is just short for the stuff you mix with vinegar to make a volcano for a junior high science fair. I love what I do, and it’s a privilege to do it for a mission that matters.

I can’t seem to get sick of tinkering with software.

I love dabbling in new technologies, often turning them into personal projects. On the whole, this tinkering stays within the Ruby, PHP, and JavaScript spaces.

I can help build or optimize your website or application.

Whether it’s the front, back, or middle of the stack, I’m open to collaborating on your digital needs in whatever way I can. Some of examples of what that might look like:

That list isn’t exhaustive. If you need some help, let’s connect to get the process started. If web forms are scary, you can also find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or email.